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Thursday, 22 June 2017 10:40

Repeat Medication

The practice has a repeat prescription policy. If you request a repeat medication we will do our best to have the prescription ready for collection within 48 hours. Occasionally we know you forget and need something straight away. We do try but it is so much easier if you can give us due warning and time, so please check your medication so that:

  • a) it’s not due for routine check (usually after 3-6 months)
  • b) that you request the prescription at least a week before everything runs out
  • c) It’s not a request for something you are not already regularly prescribed or you will need to be seen.
  • d) Certain medications cannot be prescribed without a more frequent review by your doctor.

Therefore, please ensure you do not run out and understand that if requested, you may well be asked to see your Doctor before further prescribing. Please understand it is just for your safety.

Other medications are routinely prescribed (once all is set up and side effect free) for approximately 3 months at a time. A good way to request further medication is to send in the right page of your prescription as this contains all the relevant details. You can help by ticking the ones you need.

The most efficient way to obtain a repeat prescription is to ring the surgery on 734121. Alternatively you can either write in, or fill in the right hand side (counterfoil) of your prescription and drop it in to us at any of our surgeries, making it clear where you would like to pick up your prescription from. You can also use our online service to view and order your repeat medications direct.

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